Developer, Manager, Architect, Tech Lead

Software Architect @ BlissDDM

I’m a Software Architect from Mexico City living in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico with a passion for design and math and running a brand new company named BlissDDM (Software Development, Digital Design and Marketing)

What do I do ?

I provide engineering services to companies that need software technology to improve their workflows, processes or helping them to have digital presence.

In the form of:

For creative agencies, accounting companies, suits factories, we can work with any kind of existing enterprise. From big companies to little business.

And also, I do some OSS but most of my best work is private.


I like to speak on meetups related to my interests (mostly JS) spreading and sharing the things I learn while working on some amazing projects.

My wife and I own a lot of pets, until now we have 5 dogs 🐶, 10 parakeets 🐦, 6 turtles 🐢 and 7 fishes 🐟.

I’m not a gamer, however I love playing two videogames: Pump It Up  and Starcraft2.